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All levels welcome, and no yoga experience necessary. Classes are focused on key areas of the body that are used during cycling, but customized to uniquely benefit each riders needs. 

Class is organized by local instructor Kelliann Reginato. She will bring all props needed for class to your lodging location for a 60 minute yoga experience, designed to up-level the benefits of your ride. Choose to enjoy yoga before or after your ride.


Warm Up

Kelliann will begin this 45 minute yoga class with breath, tapping into breathwork techniques to use during your ride to regulate your own energy and endurance. Class will focus on activating the muscles used during cycling, and lengthening parts of the body that are often compromised as a result. We will finish class with core work, which promotes proper alignment during your ride. The last 15 minutes of your session will focus on learning key yoga poses to incorporate into the day ahead, offering you ways to continue the benefits even after class ends. 



Warm Up on the Beach
Yoga in Park


Warm Down

Post-ride, there is an optimal window for yoga because muscles are still warm and elastic.  Stretching key areas of the body that have been worked throughout your ride, allows for more permanent improvements in flexibility, while aiding in quicker recovery times and injury prevention. This 60 minute class will focus first on opening up the chest, with lots of spinal extension to counterbalance being hunched over your handlebars all day. Kelliann will then warm you down, with a slow sequence of hip openers- releasing tight quads and stretching out the hamstrings, inner thighs, and calves.

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