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Kelliann is located in Sonoma County, CA

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"Yoga is such a personal journey of self awareness, and it's always refreshing when there is an instructor who can guide you on your journey of self reflection. That instructor is Kelliann. Not only does she know her craft, she is one of the most genuine and caring people that you will ever meet. Not only does she teach us how to move correctly within our practice, but also the atmosphere that she creates in and for her classes-- you really do walk into a room filled with nothing but patience and kindness. I have grown leaps and bounds since beginning my yoga practice, and Kelliann has been instrumental in my growth and my ability to reach both my fitness and personal goals."

-Cyndi Nguyen, student

"Kelliann is an amazing and dynamic teacher! She has a wonderful way of creating a class that seems tailor made for every student regardless of their level. Her classes are challenging yet her gentle guidance and assists help me discover more in each pose.  She is a treasure and I am so grateful the talents she shares.  And that doesn't even begin to address the care and intention that she brings to workshops!!!"

-Jennifer Green, student

"I've been fortunate enough to practice yoga with Kelliann for the past several years. I am always impressed by her ability to read her class and teach to all students present. From taking her weekly studio classes at the various studios she instructs at, she creates a space for learning and diving deeper into ones practice. Kelliann's workshop offerings are unique and inspiring. Practicing yoga in a grove of old growth redwood trees is not to be missed! Sonoma county is fortunate to have Kelliann in our community of yogis!"

-Stefanie Cromwell, student

"Kelliann is a remarkably skilled yogi and yoga teacher.  Over the last few years she has helped me transform my practice and go deeper and further than I had thought possible.  Her classes are both inspirational and a lot of fun and she is able to create a supportive community of learners in each session.  It's clear that she thoughtfully designs each before hand and then adapts it to what the students need.  I have seen her teach beginners, people with disabilities, advanced students, and other teachers.  She is able to provide individualized guidance to each student no matter what their level or their unique needs are, so that they are able to move to the next level.  I am very appreciative of all she offers and try to attend her classes as often as possible."

-Joel Gordon, student

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